Cake Designer

The most happier thing for me is to make people happy… especially the little ones.
My dad one day said to me ‘don’t rush yourself! Take your time! Art needs time..
I took as much time as I need to learn, to improve my art, thanks to my brother too.
And finally, I did it! I made people feel happy with cakes, pastry mignon, ice cream, and a lot of chocolate. 
 Admiring in child’s eyes the happy surprise when they see their birthday cake makes me really satisfied  (you gotta be imaginative, creative, and fancy cause they are the most critical pastry chef I have ever meet) or when on san valentine’s day two lovers exchanges sweets cards with a box of chocolates and roses made of chocolate!
Now I have a baby too. He’s my fan number one and the only one who makes me feel glad to myself for not having stopped chasing my dreams…

I dedicate all my life to him, to my family, to my dreams…  
‘The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance’ -Aristotele